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KICK START FAT LOSS (KSFL) Is a game changer in the Diet clubs of today.


Kick Start Fat Loss – Lifestyle Change plan. 

  • Are you unhappy with your body shape? 
  • Have you tried numerous diets without getting lasting results? 
  • Confused about nutrition, what foods to eat, bombarded with conflicting weight loss info? 
  • Problem areas of your body that appear resistant to exercise? 
  • Its time for a change! 
  • Its time to uncover the truth about fat loss and fitness! 
  • Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL®) is a way of life, a lifestyle that is very simple to adopt, has numerous benefits, and that gets consistent, sustainable results! KSFL is not about being on or off a diet – the primary goal of KSFL is to educate & empower our clients with all the latest updates and research about fat loss, nutrition & exercise so that they can achieve optimum well-being through improving nutrition, health & fitness. 
  • Weekly Weigh in, Measure and Body Stat recording. 
  • 28 Day Detox Diet Plan involving clean food and healthy cooking. 
  • Educational and motivational talk. 
  • Online workouts, meal planners and recipes, so you are fully supported every day. 
  • PLUS Mindset & confidence coaching keeping you on track and in the right headspace. 

Strength and Conditioning

A variety of workouts ranging from Kettlebells, TRX, 50/50 to Power Step and HIIT Workouts 



Pilates exercises help both men and women develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing joints. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training or rehabilitation, Pilates helps you tone your body, feel revitalised, and move with ease.



KICK START FAT LOSS is a New Revolutionary Diet and Exercise class that's taking Ireland by storm.



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